Locker Program

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Locker Rules:

All initial locker purchases must be equal to or greater than $100.

Locker holders may keep any belongings in their locker until it expires, after which a one week grace period will be provided before the eviction process. (i.e. we take your stuff)

Locker owners must maintain a minimum monthly purchase average of $100 or more.

Locker owners will be notified if/when their status becomes delinquent. If a locker is more than one week delinquent, the owner will be asked to make a purchase or risk losing their locker membership. If a locker expires, the contents will be held on premise for no more than 60 days, at which point all contents become forfeit.

Lockers may be owned by individuals or groups of two or more, but it is the owners’ responsibility to monitor the division of the contents.

Any bartender or manager on duty at the bar may, at any time, refuse to serve a locker owner for any reason just as if the locker owner were to be consuming a non-locker product.

Locker owners will not be exempt from being held at the door if the bar is at capacity.

Products marked with (r ) are often allocated and/or more difficult to come by, please be patient when ordering these bottles.

Product prices marked with (d ) come with a 10% discount on the entire order when ordered in combination with one or more additional bottles.

By placing an order for a locker, you agree to abide by the above rules and not to be an asshole.