The Concept

Ivy And Coney is a small neighborhood bar located at 1537 7th St NW in the Shaw neighborhood in Washington, DC. The spot comes from Kangaroo Boxing Club owners Josh Saltzman and Chris Powers (originally from Chicago and Detroit, respectively), bartender Adam Fry (Chicago) and native Washingtonian, Jamie Hess. Ivy and Coney will be a hangout for Chicago and Detroit expats to get a taste of home and give others in DC a taste of the “best” from our hometowns.
At Ivy and Coney, we believe that sometimes you just want a cold beer, a shot, and a hot dog. Our menu will initially start with such items as hot dogs (Chicago-style and Detroit coney-style, of course), Chicago Italian beefs, peanuts and cracker jacks. Beers on tap will be Strohs, Old Style, Goose Island 312 and Bell’s Two Hearted.  The bar will also carry a small, but quality, selection of spirits, and sodas for mixed drinks. Sports will be displayed prominently on several TVs throughout the bar, with an emphasis on Chicago and Detroit teams. A jukebox will play great Blues, Motown and Rock, while an iPod plug-in for customers will be available so that anyone can bring their own tunes.
New and unique to the DC area, Ivy and Coney offers reserved liquor lockers to our regular customers and friends. Locker holders will have the ability to purchase thousands of different labels at highly discounted service rates, store their choices on site, and be served their favorite bottles by our staff.
Ivy and Coney aims to be a great, little bar with simple drinks and food, sports, music and good conversation. We aim to leave pretension at the door and have a shot and a beer in its place. Cheers.

The Team

Jamie Hess: Native Washingtonian and ex-dot-com turned barfly Jamie has special talents that will help us succeed. He has been know to find the coveted holy grail “tattoo prize” in a box of Cracker Jacks 6 out of 10 times, 100% of the time. This skill along with the fact that he can charm the pants off someone who may not even be wearing pants to begin with is an asset this bar could not do without.
Josh Saltzman: Josh comes to Ivy and Coney as one of the owners of KBC and the PORC food truck. Josh realized after college that he just likes to pour beers and talk to people (and talk he does). His talents include a horrible Harry Caray impression and he is likely to slap you if you ask for ketchup on your hot dog.
Chris Powers: Chris came to D.C. from Detroit primarily to bother Josh and Trent about why there should be coney dog on the menu of Kangaroo Boxing Club. Now he finally gets the chance to make his beloved coney. As one of the owners of KBC, he has learned what not to do in a restaurant, so he should be helpful this time around.
Adam Fry: After hopping from Idaho to Chicago to Connecticut, Adam arrived in D.C. in order to follow his dream of making the 16-year-old version of himself proud by opening Ivy and Coney. As a bartender, a business man, and a badass who prides himself on being both handsome and modest (but mostly handsome), he has been groomed his entire life to be able to give you this exquisite neighborhood bar.
Location: 1537 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Phone: 202-6709-IVY